CANO, PUIGCERVER Y ASOCIADOS, is a dynamic group of Technical Architects with vast experience in construction of any kind, private or public since 1991.

CANO, PUIGCERVER Y ASOCIADOS form a well balanced team that will undertake any task concerning building from design to completion going through statics, values, licenses, materials, on site managing, etc.

Construction in Spain is a matter that should be approached with great care. Knowledge of ins and outs of construction in other countries may not be useful in Spain. Licences and permissions are different in every country. Building regulations change from one side to the other of a municipality, the connection of water to a site has to be approached in different ways depending on the servicing company. Any knowledge on contracting Law? What about employing labour? Have you heard about the 10 year guarantee?


We do not intend to scare you, just to make you aware of the many obstacles you may find in the way if you want to make the building adventure on your own. If you have experience in building you are welcome too, CANO, PUIGCERVER Y ASOCIADOS has been working together with other professionals, and can cover for you the areas unknown to you. Have you no idea at all but want to build, we will take you by the hand from the first moment and assist you in creating a project, getting the necessary licenses, contracting the services, finding the proper builder for your project, helping you choose materials, managing the building, organizing safety in the site. Up to finalizing the project and helping you register ypur new building. Just to mention a few of the things we may do for you.